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FK6163 – Practical 1 (2012)

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FK6163 – CL06 Testing Hypothesis

Please download from HERE! Hypothesis Testing

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FK6163 – CL5 Explore & Summarise

Download the notes from HERE! Exploratory Data Analysis Descriptive Data Analysis

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FK6163 – Lecture 3 – Probability Distribution

Download printout notes from HERE. Download presentation notes from HERE.

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FK6163 – Lecture 2 – Normal Distribution – Additional Reading Material

Read these; Definitions Intro Table Lecture notes – Outside Line, UKM line ! Lecture on Normal Distribution

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FK6163 – Lecture 1 – Probability

Download your lecture notes Outside line ; UKM line Probability & Bayesian Theorem from Azmi Mohd Tamil Lecture on Probability

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FK6163 – Course outline for 2012/2013

Studyguide FK6163 Basic Statistics UKM from Azmi Mohd Tamil

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FF3618 – Computer Based Exam (10.30am-12.15pm)

Use your browser to download your data from the following URL; 1. Create a new variable BMI (Body Mass Index) from HEIGHT & WEIGHT. Calculate the following for BMI; Mean Mode Median Standard deviation Copy and paste your answers … Continue reading

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FK6163 – Module Audit

This survey is meant to improve the quality of FK6163 Basic Statistics Module. All FK6163 students of the current batch are invited to give their feedback. Click here to give your feedback.

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