1. Course Description FK6163-20202021-SEM2-executive
  2. CL01Basic Probability
  3. CL02 Normal Probability Distribution
  4. CL03 Binomial and Poisson Probability Distribution
  5. CL04 Summarizing data: Statistical index for data
  6. PS1 Descriptive Statistics
  7. Computer I (SPSS)
  8. Computer II (SPSS)
  9. CL05 Basic Hypothesis
  10. CL06 & CL07 Statistical Test for Quantitative Data I & II
  11. PS2 Analysis of Quantitative Data – T-test
  12. CL08 Statistical Test for Quantitative Data III
  13. PS3 Analysis of Quantitative Data – Correlation & Regression
  14. Computer III (SPSS) – T-test, ANOVA, Correlation, SLR, Scatter Diagram.
  15. CL09 Statistics Test for Qualitative Data I
  16. CL10 Statistics Test for Qualitative Data II
  17. CL11 Statistical Test for Quantitative Data III
  18. PS4 Non-Parametric Analysis
  19. Computer IV (SPSS)
  20. CL12 Introduction to Multivariate Analysis
  21. CL13 Multiple Linear Regression
  22. CL14 Multiple Logistic Regression
  23. Computer V
  24. Minitest
  25. Computer-Based Exam

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