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Postgrad: Calculating your CGPA

Dear Students, You would have received your first semester results. For those who did not achieve a GPA of above 3.0 or failed any paper, you would have received a conditional pass. What does it mean? If you cannot achieve … Continue reading

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PPD – Medical Examination Guideline for Vocational Licence

Avoid from being charged, conduct your medical certification of PSV/GDL drivers properly. Please download the KKM guideline on how to conduct the medical from HERE – KKM_Buku_Vocational_Examination_Standard.

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PPD – Car loans – 3 years or 9 years?

Upon graduation, doctors will need to drive a car. It should be reliable enough so that it won’t be breaking down every time you have a medical emergency at the hospital. So should you take the maximum 9-year loan or … Continue reading

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PPD – Empathy for your patients

Empathy is the capacity to understand what another person is experiencing from within the other person’s frame of reference, ie, the capacity to place oneself in another’s shoes. Therefore doctors who are able to empathise with their patients, tend to … Continue reading

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PPD – Journal Critique

Lecture notes – download from HERE; For the coming SGD session, please critique the following journal; – Patient Satisfaction toward Medical Ward Services in a Teaching Hospital (TH) And a General Hospital (GH) by USM lecturers. (Click here to download) Please … Continue reading

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