PPD – Journal Critique

Lecture notes – download from HERE;

For the coming SGD session, please critique the following journal;
Patient Satisfaction toward Medical Ward Services in a Teaching Hospital (TH) And a General Hospital (GH) by USM lecturers.
(Click here to download)

Please use this checklist to critique the above journal.

Click here for another PowerPoint presentation on journal critique.

Extra reading;
CMA Journal Series on “How To Read Clinical Journals”;

  1. 1 March 1981 – Why read them & how to read them critically.
  2. 15 March 1981 – To learn about a Diagnostic Test.
  3. 1 April 1981 – To learn the clinical course & prognosis of disease.
  4. 15 April 1981 – To determine etiology or causation.
  5. 1 May 1981 – To distinguish useful from useless or even harmful therapy.
  6. 15 February 1984 – To learn about the quality of clinical care.
  7. 1 June 1984 To understand an economic evaluation (Part A)
  8. 15 June 1984 – To understand an economic evaluation (Part B)
  9. 15 December 1998 – Sounding you have read the literature when you haven’t read a thing.
  10. 12 December 2000 – How to react when your colleagues haven’t read a thing
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