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Protected: FFFF3618 – Computer Based Examination

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FK6163: Complete List of Online Slides & Videos

Topics Notes Video   Basic Probability   Probability Distribution Exploratory Data Analysis Measures of Central Tendencies & Variance.   Basic Hypothesis Testing   T-Test Paired T-test ANOVA … Continue reading

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SPSS How-To Videos

Please use the following dataset for all the videos exercises; sga-youtube.sav for recode & transform. sga-ttest-youtube.sav for all statistical tests. Data Non-parametric ROC Video 1; – How to create variables & labels in SPSS – Notes at Video 2; … Continue reading

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FK6163/FF2613 – TTest Revision for Exam

Download slide – Click HERE.

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Revision Week – Pearson Chi Square

Pdf file here

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FK6163 – Minitest Results

P075830 74 P075834 80 P080805 76 P080836 48 P080837 72 P080845 75 P080849 74 P080905 66 P080916 72 P080947 72 P080952 34 P080953 66 P080956 48 P080996 75 P081014 72 P081018 76 P081058 81 P081070 51 P081344 56 P081440 75 … Continue reading

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FK6163 – SPSS IV

Inside UKM – Click HERE. Outside UKM – Click HERE

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