SPSS How-To Videos

Please use the following dataset for all the videos exercises;

  1. sga-youtube.sav for recode & transform.
  2. sga-ttest-youtube.sav for all statistical tests.
  3. Data Non-parametric
  4. ROC

Video 1;
– How to create variables & labels in SPSS
– Notes at http://www.slideshare.net/drtamil/introduction-to-spss-define-variables

Video 2;
– How to compute new variables. Example: generate BMI from weight and height data.
– How to recode new variables. Example: generate classification of weight from the BMI data.

Video 3;
– How to run Pearson’s Chi-Square on SPSS.

Video 4;
– How to run Student’s T-test on SPSS.

Video 5;
– How to run ANOVA on SPSS.

Video 6;
– How to run Pearson’s Correlation on SPSS.

Video 7;
– How to run Simple Linear Regression on SPSS.

– Video 8;
– How to draw a simple scatter plot.

– Video 9;
– How to calculate geometric mean using SPSS.

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