FK6143 – Complete Research Methodology Notes & Video

I have earlier promised the masters students, unlimited access to research methodology notes and video.

Click on this LINK and click on “Login as a guest”.

Please make full use of the site. I do not know how long these notes and videos will be available.

Every year, the Health & Medicine Research Week would be held in PPUKM usually in July, jointly organised by;

  • Faculty of Medicine UKM,
  • Faculty of Dentistry UKM and
  • Faculty of Allied Health Sciences UKM.

In 2007, most of the lectures given were captured as video files and the lecture slides were converted into Acrobat pdf files. These are being made available here for the benefit of the staff and masters students from the above 3 faculties .

Only three videos are not available. They are;

  1. Ethics in Human Research
  2. Clinical Trials
  3. Multivariate Analysis

Only one lecture handout is not available. It is;

  1. Research Proposal: Common Pitfalls
  2. To get the full benefit of these lectures, please print out the respective handouts before listening to the videos.



I am a lecturer in Faculty of Medicine, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia since 1996 (retiring on Nov 2022), teaching in Biostatistics and Epidemiology. My main interests are gadgets and cycling. You can connect with me at Facebook.
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