FF2613 – Guide For Your Research Project

Dear All,
The following are some guides to help students in coming out with their research project;

    • Writing the report in UKM style (Gaya UKM)
  • UKM style – EndNote version
  • Sample of a student’s final report – link (didn’t follow UKM style, so please refer to above links)
  • Sample of a final report in UKM style – link 
  • Sample of a student’s powerpoint presentation – link


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I am a lecturer in Faculty of Medicine, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia since 1996 (retiring on Nov 2022), teaching in Biostatistics and Epidemiology. My main interests are gadgets and cycling. You can connect with me at Facebook.
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30 Responses to FF2613 – Guide For Your Research Project

  1. Jukini says:

    Thanks for the guidance . It was really helpful .

  2. Jukini says:

    Dr, there is no content of the final report in UKM style link .

  3. drtamil says:

    Jukini – TQ for the feedback. The link is now OK. There was something wrong with the URL earlier and has been rectified.

  4. Jukini says:

    The presentation and report should be in English or BM?

  5. Jukini says:

    If we have our qustionnaire questions is English , but our report and presentation in BM , is it ok ?

  6. Jukini says:

    What is Levene test ? Should i include it in my data presentation table ? or should i remove it ? If i need to remove it which result i should maintain? Is it the one equal variance assumed ?

    • drtamil says:

      Levene’s test is to prove equal variance between the two compared group. If Levene’s p value more than 0.05, use equal variances assumed. Refer to the given spss notes. Nota diberi utk dibaca.

  7. Jukini says:

    Dr , when need to pass up the report? During the presentation or 2 weeks after the presentation?

  8. Jukini says:

    Prof , my group have a table and pie charts for each variable. The table is the combination result of all the test done .
    How to put the pie charts? I mean rite after the table Or i can include in discussion? Is it ok if i dont put the pie charts ?

    Another thing , Im from group Lab 4 . I know we have sent you the corrected version of the power point presentation . Based on your comment during the presentation , all our test is wrong and we have clarified that the test are right . Is is possible for Prof to tell any other commnent or mistakes that we did so that all of can learn and correct in our report ? Tq

  9. drtamil says:

    1. Usually you choose either table or pie chart. In a report, table is preferred over pie chart.

    2. The mistake was the variable of using facebook was not properly defined/stated. Once it is clarified that it is continuous data (hours/week), then it became clearer.

    3. We are quite particular about the use of “UKM Style” and proper reference technique within text and at the end (List of reference). Conceptual framework with all the important factors properly defined, researched (lit.review) and analysed will lead to higher marks.

    • jukini says:

      Very first of all , I would to know what gaya ukm means ? Apart from the reference style.? i referred both doc attached the ukm style and non ukm style but I still can’t understand what is the principle diff between bot is it possible for prof to explain further . Tq .

      • drtamil says:

        UKM Style covers everything from the organisation of the report, type and size of font including the referencing.
        For writing references, UKM follows Vancouver style but it added the year of publication right after the name of authors.

      • jukini says:

        Ok is that any other alternative where I could refer the guideline besides the attached ukm style document. Is the newest link that u gave for reference ?

      • drtamil says:

        The UKM Style is the best guidance. However it lacks guidance for internet referencing. For that you can use my example.

      • jukini says:

        Ok . I would to ask bout literature review. In my some hypothesis and discussion , there no literature review to compare with . Can I group it and generalized the comparison ?

      • drtamil says:

        Just do your best. Ini baru 5% of final mark. Don’t spend too much time on it. Concentrate on minitest 2. Yang tu 10%.

  10. Jukini says:

    About the references , one of my source do not have the author name . It a reference from internet website. How should i write . Start with Anon. ?

  11. Jukini says:

    OK . I have been referring to references doc attached in the reference link Prof gave . The one Prof gave now and attached one is are disimiliar for internet refenrences . Which i should follow ?

    • drtamil says:

      The latest link I gave is Vancouver style. Just add year of publication after the name of the author and it becomes UKM style._

  12. Jukini says:

    Just wanna clarify something . The report all have to pass up on Friday (today) no matter we presented on Monday or Friday ?

    • drtamil says:

      All must be submitted before 8 October 2010. Can pass through PBL group 13 members since I’ll be handling their PBL on that day.

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