FF2613 – Course Description 2014/2015

All students must read the course description for FF2613. The course description is in the guidebook for Semester 1 Year 2, which was distributed earlier by the Academic Office.

For those who have misplaced that guidebook, please download a copy from below;

MS2 Guide book medicine & society II _semester 1_ FF2613 – 270614

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8 Responses to FF2613 – Course Description 2014/2015

  1. tan says:

    tq, dr. 🙂

  2. nor says:

    Dr.. how we want 2 join the group UKM MS2 2010?
    forget already the web..

  3. Fatimah says:

    Dr is juz so cool:)

  4. Zubaidah says:

    Thank u for downloading the notes in SPIN . It has been inactive for a year because there were no use to access it . :). Tq , Dr . .

  5. nor says:

    tq so much Dr 🙂

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